What sets (RY) Apart?

A customized fitness + wellness program tailored to meet your needs towards living a more youthful and energetic life. During a (RY) session the goal is to facilitate movement with ease, injury prevention, readiness for exercise, and experience REAL REJUVENATION.

Our Services are for

Individuals, Groups, and Corporations

MELT is one of the hottest crazes in the USA and Internationally for self care using balls, bands and foam rollers. Foot and Hand treatments are used for chronic pain relief, abdominal work, balance, strength, and flexibility. We can conduct workshops at your work site for 10 to 50 people at a time.

Karen is the main MELT Instructor in Georgia.

 The book, The MELT Method is one of best selling books on the New York Times Best Seller list and we have been on the Rachel Ray Show, The Dr Oz Show and articles in The New York Times Newspaper, to give you a reference of how popular this method is around the country.

De-Stress at your Desk

Wellness programs are important today with so many professionals sitting all day and performing repetitive movements causing discomfort and pain now there is a way to help them increase energy, be more productive, have better posture and better focus to do their jobs with less tension.

 My name is Karen Wells and I have been instructing lawyers, doctors, college students, and many others who sit too much with a solution to their discomfort and pain for over 20 years.

2019 Pricing

First Evaluation Appointment: 90 mins - $165

30 mins - $50

45 mins - $75

60 mins - $95

Class Package Prices:

4 Classes: 60 mins - $299

6 Classes: 60 mins - $429

12 Classes: 60 mins - $899

Please contact Karen at 

(678) 665-9088


to set up a convenient time to workshop this amazing technique that I know your staff will want to experience to reduce the stiffness one gets from sitting all day.

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