About Karen Wells

Karen maintains a Bachelor of Science Education degree from Georgia State University where she also taught for over 22 years. Her concentration was in dance education, athletic training, and exercise science.

Karen is certified by Balanced Bodies in Classical and Therapeutic Pilates, which includes the Pilates equipment as well as Pilates mat. 


Karen is certified in all of the MELT Method modules from Longevity Fitness INC., which is one of the first neurofascial self-care treatment programs to relieve pain. She is the only certified MELT instructor in the state of Georgia.


Karen is a Barefoot Training Specialist certified through EBFA created by Dr. Emily Splichal. This technique addresses balance, strength, and agility from the feet up.


Karen is a Functional Flexibility Specialist certified from the Bender Training Academy. 


In addition, Karen is passionate about her certification from Robert Steinbacher of Switzerland in BodyART Yoga, which is Yoga Inspired Movement, Martial Arts, and Physical Therapy. Karen teaches this at Georgia Tech University.


Karen is an Integrative Corrective Exercise Specialist who is certified in the Integrative Core Training for the Baby Boomer & Senior Populations created by Dr. Evan Osar of the Institute for Integrative Health and Fitness Education.

Karen teaches - The MELT Method, Pain Relief, Tissue Work, Trigger-Point, Yoga, Pilates, Functional Flexibility, Injury Prevention, Quick Recovery Methods, Mindful Meditation, Restorative Exercise, Self-Care Techniques, Ballet, Back Pain Specialty, Alignment, and Active Aging Skills.

Karen has successfully helped people with chronic pain, muscle disorders, sacroiliac joint pain, and those with fused necks and backs. Karen's talent is to create a lifestyle for her clients so they look younger, feel better, and have more energy. She helps her clients through movement techniques so they have a greater sense of ease and well-being.  Karen's fitness, teaching, and dance career spans more than 25 years. Karen has written fitness articles and is a national and international speaker for professional organizations, universities, Pilates studios and international conventions.

Karen's has a reputation as an expert in the restorative body/mind approach to living mindfully and staying in tip top fitness shape no matter what your age is. She has trained professional athletes, dancers, actors, singers and musicians nationally and internationally.


Karen's extensive knowledge of working with the neuro-muscular system has made her a pioneer in the fitness and dance field. Her experience has included teaching at the prestigious American Dance Festival, The Alvin Ailey Dance Company, and Emory University, and Georgia State University.

She has helped hundreds of people of all ages to move with ease and get rid of pain. No matter what your fitness level is – SHE CAN HELP YOU!

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